Miro Dobrowolny - Zilverstad
Oratorian Scenario

Musical theatre for vocalists, actors, dancers, choir vocals/sounds,
instruments, screening and live camera
Scenes from the film about the performance in Zagreb at the International Music Biennale Zagreb - April 2009
Players:Helmut Wenderot (actor), Wofram Wittekind (vocalist), Frieder Mann (dancer), Xenia Marita Riebe (artist), ART Ensemble NRW (music)

  • PrologPrologue
  • feldherrenThe Commanders
  • arieArie-Marcia funebre
  • executerThe Executer
  • frauenSuffering of the Women

Sebrenica is a small mountain town in the east of Bosnia. During the Bosnian War (1992–1995), it was the site of the Srebrenica genocide.
The town at the centre of the municipality became a Bosnian Muslim/Bosniak enclave surrounded by Serbs. In April 1993, the United Nations declared Srebrenica a UN safe area, guarded by a small unit operating under the mandate of United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR). The town was captured by the Army of Republika Srpska in July 1995. Following the town's capture, approximately eight thousand (8 372) Bosniak men of fighting age were massacred by Serbian forces. All women, and men below 16 years of age and above 55, were sent by Serbian forces by bus to Tuzla. The remaining men were massacred. To this day, the Srebrenica Genocide remains one of the most brutal and shameful chapters in post-WWII European history.
In particular the role of the Dutch Blue Berets who did not go in hard enough against the Serbs and did not prevent the killing. "Zilverstad" is the Dutch word for Sebrenica which means Silver Town because of the former silver mines in the region.

Videos by Bernd Riebe ©2009 bild-art.de